Friday, 23 December 2016


Assalamualaikum and firstly pardon me to my worst English writing , give a chance please .

Do have uncontrollable nervous when you need to present your project? Did you think why this is happen ?

I think you should agree with me that this is one of your problem matter on preparation. Finish a slide shows is not preparation but it is compulsory needs to make a presentation . What do i want to press here is about nervous feeling , especially if i am not well prepare studying about the slide, making slide maybe is more easier but to describe that especially when i need to explain in front of crowd , it is super nervous . 

For that weakness , i suggest to myself and you ( if you need) to study about your slide . However , if your project is held in group work , make sure you ask your friend to study about their slide , i am begging to God to have positive group mates everytime when this situation happen , i hate when the day of presentation comes , she/he said that "omg , im so nervous ,what should i talk , what i should say? , help me please ." . In my opinion friend ,help yourself first before this day come . I have my own nervous to control , but at least try to overcome it by do some preparation . If you still fail it , keep it up until you made it . Seriously , i am also start being stupid , but we are here in 20th century ,everything just in GOOGLE . Im begging all people who things that they are not gifted to be genius , please help yourself and START HAVING PASSION TO IMPROVE YOURSELF . Dont forget to have positive friends, it will make your life more fun . InshaAllah . 

So , here i attached you with what im doing today . Im trying to download some videos related . 

Because most of the successful people nowadays didn't shy to admit that they learn things just from YOUTUBE ,i agree! This is the cheap way to do rather that attending intensive class which is sometime its just costly. Think wisely , if you think that you afford or your study pattern is better by attending class . That okay . But i am sure i am talking to someone like me, just want simple life and study . Here we go and all the best. 

I am excited to see my own progress and you too! :) 
Comment below if you have any idea.

Friday, 16 December 2016



Nampaknya keropok lekor jualan ibu dah mula dapat perhatian eh. Alhamdulillah , kali ni saya nak betul-betul komited , kalau boleh nak buat korang yang baru usha-usha ni terus nak order banyak . Yes , saya yakin inshaAllah , anda usaha anda berjaya , tapi korang cuba lah dulu makan untuk orang rumah , lepas korang dah ketagih dengan kesedapan keropok lekor Kelantan ni serta SOS/COLEK yang aummm sangat.... Kalau dah keropok sedap cicah apa pon sedap . Kalau colek pon sedap , em , tiap hari la berasap dapur semata nak goreng keropok lekor makan depan TV . :p

Minumum order hanya serendah 100 BATANG je .

*Untuk 1 batang RM 1 . 60
*MINIMUM ORDER = 100 batang

Bagaimana dengan penghantaran?
Since my mother dah biasa guna khidmat ni sebagai satu cara untuk customer dia jimat kos. Ya! Penghantaran melalui bas. Ibu memang dah simpan siap-siap nombor bas-bas yang biasa dia guna , ada yang dah kenal dah ibu , lagi-lagi yang ulang alik KELANTAN-JOHOR . Eh ,korang yang luar dari tu pon jangan risau boleh juga ,since ibu dah biasa guna khidmat ni , inshaAllah sampai tepat pada waktu . Boleh deal dengan ibu ya .

HANYA RM20 SAHAJA charge penghantaran .

Nombor mana nak hubungi , ya kalau nak keropok lekor boleh whatsapp : 017-6074420

Boleh jual dengan kawan-kawan office, atau anda susah nak cari keropok lekor yang sedap di kawasan kediaman anda ,atau nak jual depan rumah , pon boleh . Pasar malam ? Lagi boleh.

So, how much did you want ?

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Suddenly want to talk about Gaza , maybe because i have friend from Palastine, they are my bestfriends. All questions i asked , they try to answer . Maybe sometime i got confusing to understand maybe because im not see it. So here , Im looking for some music video about Gaza . One of my favourite was this one below . But others video also nice , very good lyrics , very inspired . In sha Allah , if God will , i really want to go there too . Really really want to meet them , Palastine people . Visit Aqsa for real . Feel sad inside and im feel grateful that im here with peace life better than them . I pray may Allah keep blessed and protect Muslims there and they will be free.

Saturday, 10 December 2016



First of all , after i broke up with my ex boyfriend , i've change into someone that i think i want to be better than i want before . So , the first thought is , did i need to wear long hijab (tudung labuh) or wear a piece of niqab on my face . After think about it , of course i ask God to guide me for this hard moment i ever had . The question that appeared on my head was , are you sure one want to change ? For who ? Are you really sure for God ? Are you ready sure that with this , your entire life will be fine? Some people give their quite right excuse to make they are look truth , but actually for my personal opinion , there is a lot of people out there having better life especially live their heart in peace and blessed . What our religion ask us to be is cover your aurat for our sake , feel safety and so on , but not to look perfect in behaviour and i dont think im too perfect to give the black name for long hijab people type . Even though actually i know how imperfect people are actually inside , so i choose to try wear hijab with wide 50' / 55' instead of 45' . This is not sign im doing hijrah for people eyes , but let God mark me if i do it right or not . (May look right for you kan?) I dont care , if i end my world i didnt bring your opinion. :p

Second plan i did for my change was not to get in love , which mean don't get easily fall in love , and don't approach with someone who give you sign that he like you even he is totally damn handsome (cry) , sorry bro . I'm still hurt inside to believe to make you (if it is you) as my soul for now . Unless , I get sign from God that you are the one and all things we did seem soft and ease until we made it . I almost get it from someone in Kedah , she was a sister , in the same time my customer for that moment and he politely ask if im single or not , she bring her purpose to be her brother candidate . Im glad that was such thing i got feel in my live after i got broken. From that i believe that if im doing good , i will get the good person . All the entire period was im doing part time self business , this teach me how to treat customers good , i learn a lot from being the worst seller to the worth seller (maybe) . Am I praised myself? haha. Basically , what ever we did , it is your efforts and results of course comes after that , see it buddy . Of course in that period , mistakes are our teacher . :)

So how i wont get in love , this tips used by those who were weak like me and want to shield herself to be strong. Haha. I hope  that it is help . Owh , dont try to relate this with IKHTILAT , bincang next time okay . :) Nobody can literally manage their ikhtilat from what ever type are their actually , i learned myself how to know which person is the real ikhtilat practitioners because i friend with all people , i can in with a lot if things , sometime it is bad when i dont have specific friend that can perfectly show (even to my parents but Alhamdulillah they all kind friend totally) .It had cause me being confuse personality sometime , easily get sad and i hope i can overcome my emotion from being like that . Im 21 now . In sha Allah , i will .

Lets get start , talk in group whatsapp , if you are someone who like to talk and social , talk in group , if i talk in personal chat , maybe i will get easily misunderstood think that person like me . But, i allow my friend to talk to me personally as long we are shared informative things and ask for help that really no need 3rd person . If for my foreign friends, i must put myself as well as if i am like them , who had travel to another country and study in the same time they want to make friend . At first , yes i dont mind . But i wont let them to go so far especially about married , it will make burn up to volcano . hahaha . Yeah , you can say me i am phobia . Erk . Whatever .That how i start my first impression , after i get know if this and that person can be trust being friend or not , and get positive thinking , so that im not become awkward anymore . Oh gosh ,throwing back who was me before was so different . Okay dont flash back . Only God can answers the right about me . All my life was always doing imperfect things and need improvement .

I do have bestfriends , it is really not planned. i think this is new in my life . I dont know how this friendship will end up . Eventhough they are still young but their positive words and supportive make me can allowed them to be friend with them , i thought those words only comes from a boyfriend , but actually can got from friends also . That was a good things i ever had and experienced . We just talk in group , it is not problem from them , they just accepted and why not i just accept them what ever imperfect things cause they had nice behavior in themselves . The most important things is culture . Exchange a lot of things information ,culture , everything was so damn awesome .

In this situation , i hope that instead of make mistake , i learnt how to appreciate my bestfriends.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


First and fore most ,i would like to say that i have a class tomorrow and i should not blogging now and should keep study for midterm test which will be held on this Friday .

What's the thing that made me to write this journal today ?

Just for a memory . First  i had been manged to being in one group with 2 Arabic students and 2 China students during this CELPAD period. Honestly for the first time i cant accept it , by hook or by crook i need to accept in the future , for sake do our assignment .

I little bit weird  feel when they  are being so bad hahaha ,but sometime are being so nice . Im just get confuse and i just be myself . Ive being a strict girl and sometime use sacarsm word to make them clear what i want to say because i feel trouble if i ignore them and do it myself . That is how everything was begin .

Day by day , i think that we have some different culture and for me as a weak person who is in a process to me myself better , i just accept what they talk , and what they shared . I dont even have any secret or personal chat with each of our group member , all we want to talk only in our group . We called group to since it was arranged by Madam Cynthia . Sometime i could trust them and sometime an cant . And you know what they are understand . They said , "because you are girl , you should be careful with us even we are good people " .

Others , even they have nice face , not too cute ( maybe other people would say hot ,handsome and many others) , for me they are young . And i played my role only limited as their bigger sister . Always saying i am their sister . They did called me grandma . Prank me and call me destroy volcano . Instead of we are friend , i still can accept it . If one day they didnt stand with me . I dont know what future can say about them .

They ask me to not think that they are bad person . Insha Allah. I will not . They are Palastinian , answering all my questions and give more details . Im almost understand their real feel . Guys , i would support your struggling to get back for your country . Im so interesting when you two start talking , with your some accent , and with me also as a lack person who lack english . We just talk whatever we want even though sometime we even dont know what are you talking about . China students too ,they are all very kind but little bit shy because of their english problem matter. But if they talking in chinese language , you will know who they are actually . Cute funny all of them .

I hope that you are kind just like how you want me to think about you ,and i know people sometime do mistakes . Dont worry. Me too .

See how i am talking , sometime we did cursing each other but not every time cause i do not want to do it oftenly actually .

I will remember how to treat me . Maybe one day i will forget all of our conservation and you two too . But i cant forget all your kindness.

Last , this friendship make me feel that i could be more appreciate to people , or maybe how to understand other culture . And the most important is , its help me to go through out my sadness . Big sadness i have ever had in my age . I hope that my journey will me continued to have good friends like Arabs or Chinas . Culture is the big deal between us ,but i hope this things will not bother me one day. Alhamdulillah ,alhamdulillah . I got very very sporting friends. They was very different to my previous friends which were all 24 hours ready to judge what is bad in you . Thanks God . I may not be get this same opportunities if i exceed to Kuliyyah later . Culture of study would be other patern i guess . So , alhamdulillah for this faith . :)

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Berat badan ideal ke?

Aku rasa dah boleh terima kot berat bdan aku sekarang . Below 50 kg. Bak kata ibu , nanti kawin gemok lahtu ,biar lah nak terkurus sekarang pon . Bila fikir balik , okay jugak senang nak sport. Tak de la rasa berat je badan .

Bagi yang berbadan berat pula ,takpa . Gemuk pon comel weh . Kita sama-sama adal kelebihan ada kekurangan masing-masing. Huhu. Happy-happy la ya .

Friday, 14 October 2016

Salah Satu Cara Belajar Aku Guna

I dont know either its good or not , okay ke tak , but if orang macam tak berapa pandai , malas sikit tapi ada hati nak success , aku rasa cara aku ni menyeronokkan .

So apa aku buat  :
- Kenal pasti dulu subjek apa yang susah , yang senang pon boleh 
- Wifi connection / data / apa sahaja asal boleh access internet / kalau boleh pergi library lagi lah bagus , ada motor kan? Baik ko pergi . (Serius cakap ni) . Aku tak ada motor for now , Jadi memang malas lah . Ada je port laju line , macam aku sekarang , depan pintu bilik . (terpaksalah)
- Next , buka youtube . Carilah apa sahaja subjek berkaitan dengan apa korang belajar tu , kalau boleh tajuk yang accurate , jangan random , lain negara lain sylibus , tapi lebih kurang je. Dari sini juga lah inshaAllah kau akan dapat ilmu tambahan . Siap boleh pause lagi cikgu youtube tu mengajar. Kalau dalam kelas? Nak pause ,sesilap kena jeling . Haha. 
- Jangan lupa google maklumat tambahan untuk extra pemahaman , bukan guna google untuk copy and paste kerja assignment . Rugi beb. Kau masuk universiti bukan setakat nak graduate je kan? Nak ilmu juga gak , nak apply ilmu kan? 

Aku tahu ada yang masih tak mai lagi mood study , doakan lah diri sendiri banyak-banyak . Aku pun sama juga , kadang-kadang terleka ,terlena ,ternoda dengan segala macam godaan . Yang penting kalau susah sangat dunia ni nak ikut kau , cuba cara dekati akhirat , dunia pun ikut jua kan? 

Faham dak ni? Tak faham padan muka . :p 

Kawan aku prefer study subjek IELTS kalau nak score MUET / EPT (u aku punya nama exam) , so here my first video for my first extra lesson . :) Doakan aku .

Kalau korang ada tips berguna untuk aku , suggest lah ya. Its important for me .